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friends only

I'm pretty easy to get along with... unless you annoy me then I'll mock you behind your back. Just a few rules when it comes to being my LJ friend.

to be added:
-Have at least one interest in common with me
-Add me back
-Chances are, if you went to my high school I won't add you.
-Do what it says on the banner and COMMENT to be added. On this page. I don't friend people just because they friended me unless I know them personally
-Don't use netspeak. If you comment in human language and I add you, then all your entries are in netspeak I'll un-friend you because it annoys me to read that. (dis iz netsp33k if u dont no)
-I don't believe I have to say this but... HAVE A LIVE JOURNAL


Because boredom is a terrifying thing with me and Meghin, we decided to write a soap opera. Because soaps are less confusing than our love lives.

NEXT WEEK on As The Hospital Turns... a lot of confusing shit happensCollapse )

Welton legacy: Generation 1.0

I'm a dork, so I started a Sims legacy.


70 picturesCollapse )

"What Goes On?" Save October Road

I'm rushing promotion of the campaign... we need to get the snail mail phase going before it's too late. Phase one here.

Listed below are the addresses for ABC studios, The CW network and Lifetime network. Lifetime may have already lost interest in picking up October Road, but writing to them can't hurt. And there's a very good chance of OR getting picked up by The CW, but first we need to prove the show will bring in viewers.

Along with your notes or letters, the campaign is to send leaves. Slight problem? Yes. It's late winter/early spring. Or depending where you live, summer. Bad time to have to find leaves. If you can't find a real one, print one off of the computer, draw one, take a picture of leaves on the side of the road. If real leaves, clean them somehow before you send them, no one's gonna take us seriously if we send them dirty leaves.

So get to writing. Remember Nick and the gang's catch phrases, "What goes on?" (alternative to "What's up?") and "creased" (alternative to "pissed off"), add them into your letter.

addresses hereCollapse )
October Road is in great risk of getting canceled. We have until mid-May, when ABC makes the announcement about it's fate. There's a chance that Lifetime or The CW will pick the show up, but we need to show them that we're still interested in O-Road

We may never get to learn the true identity of Sam's father (that is, if Hannah even knows). Will Janet and Eddie reunite? How will the Nick/Aubrey/Ronnie love triangle play out? Will Physical Phil ever leave his god damned house??

If you want these questions answered, the first step we're taking is a virtual beat down. Literally.

cut for... those who couldn't care lessCollapse )

name change

Yeah, so this is Laura (adam_on_mind previously).

I decided it was time for a change because I'm growing out of my JoA past life and growing up period. I also didn't want another fandomish one since fandoms die easily... so I decided on one of the silliest names I could thing of.

Meaning behind the name? I'm 60% Irish and a magical turkey, since I took magical_turkey a few years ago I chose this.

The end.

LJ petition

The only reason this is public is because it's important... well, to me it is because I might lose friends if this happens.

Due to recent changes in the livejournal graphics and the rumor they may copy a recent myspace change, seperating adults from minors, to make livejournal more 'teen' friendly. Personally, I liked everything the way it was and in a community I'm in one of the members gave us a link to a petition to get the old LJ back.

It might not work, and some people might like these changes *shrug*... here's the link to the petition:

And, if you didn't already know about this post it around where ever you can

Brutal Honesty meme

yeah, this is actually public because you need to relpy anonymously to this post and tell me what you really think of me. Be honest, be brutal. One rule: please don't make me cry.
me and Payton... we're just weird. We just wrote a very crazy story about JoA on AIM...

and it all started when adam and joan unplugged a phoneCollapse )

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